Alida de Jong (1943) started sculpting in 2005. She studied with Marjo Wiltingh in Doornenburg. She’s regularly exhibited since 2010, solo or collaboratively with others, for example, at the Kunstgilde Leersum, church in Doornenburg and art fairs such as the GMAC in Paris.


  • Materials: For many years Alida exclusively worked with stone, hard and soft. She experimented with combining different types and colours of stone in one statue. More recently she learned to cast bronze and started to work with wood. Time and time again she explores the combination in one sculpture of different types of materials, such as recently wood and ceramic.
  • Themes: What touches Alida and what matters to her is visible in her work. The sculptures are always about something. She created many sculptures of women, about motherhood, relationships, intimacy and ageing.
  • Approach: At the start of a creative process there is only a piece of wood or stone, no models, drawings or plan. Sculpting is for Alida like life itself; unpredictable. This intuitive interplay between materials and coincidence doesn’t seem logical but originates from a strong desire for logic. A desire to transform complexity and heaviness (in your mind or in life) into lightness and clarity. That is what beauty is. As soon as Alida starts a sculpture a simplicity of form emerges. A new sculpture, a starting point for a new story about fear, alienation, love or closeness.